Engineering Geological Modelling (GGU, Rocky-for-3D, landslide runout)

Engineering Geology (dams, profiles, site investigation, ...)

Data Mining (IBM SPSS Modeler)


Natural Hazards Seminars and Workshops


In these team-taught seminars, the students as a group choose and discuss current publications within a specific topic. These so far included in different semesters: landslides, rivers and dams, and volcanic hazards. Written summaries of each paper and three questions related to the content (or unclear concepts presented therein) are mandatory.

A workshop accompanies these seminars wherein students may choose a sub-field of the topic for in-depth studies. They present their research at the end of the semester in a format that includes standard conference procedures, plus peer-evaluation and peer-grading of their performance.

Physical Volcanology Lecture


Through an interactive style of teaching, many field examples, short quizzes throughout the semester instead of a large exams at the end, and pet volcano projects, I encourage my students to take ownership of their learning progress and to feel comfortable to ask questions, to inquire, and become enthusiastic about the subject.

... and while a Teaching Assistant ...


I taught labs and field courses in Structural Geology, Engineering Geology, Petrology, Mineralogy, and Geological Field Methods.

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