Dr. Anja Dufresne

Current Projects

Rock avalanche studies in the European Alps: morphometry, numerical modelling, geophysical investigations, dams and stability analyses.

Supraglacial and tsunamigenic landslides in Alaska, USA:

News archive Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Collapsing Alaska Mountains

Landslides and landslide dams in British Columbia, Canada.

Grain size analyses based on detailed facies mapping as a diagnostic

tool for fragmentation processes during rock avalanche emplacement.


Long-runout landslides: the effect of lithology on comminution, (micro-) structures, morphology, and runout. DFG-Project 1294/2-1:

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Earth-Science Reviews

World Landslide Forum



  • landslide sedimentology and emplacement processes
  • geomorphology
  • natural dam properties and stability
  • volcanology
  • fractals and fragmentation

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